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Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.53.19 AMRecent additions are pressure-treated flower boxes attached to the manatee information signs.  Each box is individualized in planting materials to the ambient sun light and shading gradients present along the water front.

We have a new ice machine, adding a new level of convenience to our members and guests.  On the honor system – $2 per bag – to be left in the ice machine.

You will notice a new platform at the top of E Dock to house our new spill kit.  We have contracted a company to act as first responder to any dockside spill which is beyond our capability to contain.  The spill kit material which they supply to us, plus their first responder service, makes us fully compliant with our Submerged Land Lease permit.

The marina and hotel continue to complement each other in function, utility and attractiveness. We have met friendly hotel guests who walk by the club house and/ or ride the hotel-supplied renter bikes.

Stay tuned for updates on internet service, security cameras, hose attachments, new lock boxes and more!

Ron Sachatello
Vice President